What are the most important elements in website builds

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SocialMANAS founder Erin Martin does an exclusive interview with Marco Hernandez (Online Business & Facebook Marketing Expert), Founder of Bullseye Agency and HOOPLA CBD.


✓ What creates good user experience (UX)

✓ What are the elements people need to think about when building a site?

✓ Hacks to improve your conversion.

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Erin Martin [00:00:00] it’s Erin Martin from Social Manas, and we are live with Marco from bullseye Agency. And we’re going to talk today about Web sites, the most important things about Web sites, best hacks, best practices, so on and so forth. So, Marco, why don’t you go ahead and introduce yourself?


Marco Hernandez [00:00:21] Hey, Erin. Good morning, everybody. This is Marco from BullsEye Agency. We’re a specialized agency that works with e-commerce brands and well, basically all types of businesses that we like to work closely with, e-com brands with that have their products on Shopify, Woocommerce platforms as such.


Erin Martin [00:00:43] So those are your go to platforms for Econ.. What do you what about like leads generation services? Do you have go to platforms for that?


Marco Hernandez [00:00:51] Yeah, we have. We have a few. We tend to use a Clickfunnels. I’m not the greatest fan overall, but it’s very easy to build quick and dirty landing pages and it’s a quick and dirty not because they’re dirty, but it’s just a very easy thing to do. Like within 60 minutes. You can pull up a good service, but the majority like a real web site, we don’t do it ever clickfunnels. We tend to use more professional tools like WordPress.


[00:01:17] What are your thoughts on squarespace? Because I’m actually thinking about shifting line from WordPress to Squarespace.


[00:01:22] I don’t. I won’t say I don’t have a positive or negative. I think it sits in the middle, but it’s a good starting point. Is better than something on wix. For sure. Yeah. I know a lot of businesses have had used Squarespace and it provides e-commerce functionality, so it’s a good starting point. Eventually want to move forward to more professional tools is budget is applicable. I know everybody doesn’t have the budget or the actions to have a full-blown developer sometimes help them out. But the better you can move towards a WordPress platform or a customer base platform, the better.


Erin Martin [00:01:58] Oh, my. I’m totally off point here, but my Web press, my Web site is currently on WordPress. So just to update and rebrand, onward press is the best move.


Marco Hernandez [00:02:09] Totally. Totally. No. Well, we can get into details on this, but WordPress tends to be a headache a lot of times when we on-board clients that have word price and they just want it like a support contract. It’s very tricky because. Sometimes things could work flawless and then one month everything goes to hell. So, yeah.


Erin Martin [00:02:31] Cool. So because you kind of specialize a little bit more on the e-commerce space. Let’s talk about those platforms that you love for e-commerce and like what are some, especially for business owners who are kind of don’t have the capability to hire out a professional website developer to do that? Is are those things or what are some like best foundational practices that people should be implementing while building their Web site or thinking about building a Web site? What kind of assets do they need to have? And, you know, like best practices and analytics and just all the good stuff.


Marco Hernandez [00:03:08] Yeah. Good point. So let’s talk about platforms. So if you’re not don’t don’t have a technical background, I would say stay off WordPress unless you have a lot of time and WordPress slash woocommerce because woocommerce runs on top of WordPress. So if you don’t have a lot of technical background and you don’t have time in your life, don’t get into WordPress. If you have a lot of time, like right now, maybe start getting into it and start getting tutorials and how to understand the structure. But if you don’t, which the majority of businesses shouldn’t be putting that this time into this activity, they should be focusing on building their business, not operating it. I would definitely encourage them to go to a platform more friendly like Shopify, especially if you have a store that has one product, two, five, 10 products. Shopify will be very flexible for you. Second advice that I would say is. Don’t don’t count the pennies, Shopify has its tricks and everything costs in Shopify, but the last thing you need to cut. Cut the expenses and cheap on is on the theme development. See a lot of stores that either are running on the base themes of Shopify, which are free. And on the long run, it’s going to hurt your image, your brand. Because. Maybe the general average user cannot tell the difference between a painting or not. But the reality is it will show up in some way or fashion. It doesn’t have all the functionality built in. It just looks ugly and very plain. And you just don’t want to invest time into setting up your brand. Just look plain. You really like it up and look nice. So at least allocate two hundred dollars to buying and purchasing a very good theme that you can use that you can configure and build up because based things don’t give you much flexibility to play around with. You have to build from the code up. So not only they’re ugly, they’re complicated to to build up. So just invest a little bit into your your work Shopify theme and hey, it will look way better.


Marco Hernandez [00:05:26] You’ll be able to build it faster now.


Erin Martin [00:05:31] I know this might seem foreign, but some businesses don’t even have a website. You want to jump in and talk about the benefits of a Web site and why people should be what? No matter what type of business you have, why you should have a Web site, totally because who are you?


Marco Hernandez [00:05:51] I mean, let’s be realistic. If we were having this conversation maybe in the year 2000, I would say, hey, you can still get away with not having a Web site. But we’re in the year 2020. The Internet has been available for twenty six years commercially. Why are you not on it? What’s the reason? If you haven’t, even if it would cost you twenty six thousand dollars to get a site from the date the Internet started? And 26 years later. I mean, you’re talking about 100 hundred bucks a month that it would have cost you so. I don’t think there’s any any rationale why a business shouldn’t be there. Just general purposes. Somebody’s going to search you. So I’m going to go and try and find information about what you do. And if you can’t do that passively, that means without your intervention, people searching for you. You provide the information possibly you like. You’re not in business nowadays. Right.


Erin Martin [00:06:55] And what I like to tell people is your Web site is a new front door. People like you just said people aren’t driving around looking for businesses these days. They’re not going to the Yellow Pages or the phonebook to find businesses and do research. They are. They are going through the Internet and they’re going through Web sites and they’re looking through directories like Google and Yelp and all that other stuff. So you have to have some kind of digital presence and your Web site is your front door. So having a really. And we’ll talk about this as questions, too. But having a really nice user experience in your Web site is like everything to your business.


Marco Hernandez [00:07:38] Absolutely. I think it’s it’s just like wearing clothing. You have to use do things. I mean, you can’t just go to a meeting and show up in shorts and tennis shoes. You have to show up sometimes with dress pants or with a suit. Same thing. You got to projekt professionalism. You’re expecting people to hand over their money for your services. I understand there is no technically there is no correlation between the way you look at the money, how much money you make. But there is a psychological impact on the way you can close business if you see more professional than just an amateur and somebody that doesn’t care about details. Plus, you could not care about details about your brand. But what makes you think what makes me think that you will take care of details for my brand? And when I give you money, right. That’s the way I look into it.


Erin Martin [00:08:32] Now, we kind of touched on this briefly. What is what creates a really good user experience? So question one. Well, I’ll write this down. User experience. And then question two is what creates a high leak? What is the framework of a highly converting Web site?


Marco Hernandez [00:08:54] Great question. I think so. When you look at it historically, how Web sites have been built, you normally wouldn’t have the business owner. Then you would have the business sort of hiring a designer. And then he would come up with amazing design and then he would pass on that to a developer and the developer had to make some magic there to make that ideal design work on their computer. That worked very well for a few years. Until mobile devices started popping up. The reality is now that. Web designers for let’s call them web designers. They don’t think about mobile experience or designing their stuff on a computer and they’re assuming that it’s going to look nice everywhere. So what has happened is now their job has doubled in responsibility because they need to make sure that it looks good on every device. And most importantly, yes, it should look good on a computer, but it should look weight superior on this little gadget here. So what we’ve noticed is they don’t pay attention to that and the market hasn’t been evolving. So now we see a market where we call these this new generation, we call them diviners. So it’s like web developer or designer into the same profile. We happen to start matching somebody that understands how to develop websites properly and design them simultaneously. So they need to have both embedded as part of their profile. Because when we look at page traffic strategies, well, most of the users are coming here. They’re not coming on your desktop. So it could look amazing on your desktop. But if it renders crappy here, not going to work. Right. So what are the the elements that we want to look into? Well, for example, designers focus a lot on high resolution images. It’s like it looks super crisp. Amazing. Well, that looks great. If you’re printing like a flyer. But on desktop or on a mobile phone, you don’t need that much resolution. And the reality is that that impacts on the file size of your Web page. So we know statistics that say that if a Web site takes more than 3 seconds load, users will balanced. And this is for e-commerce. So if you have a file, let’s say you’re not living in a in a populated city in the United States. Let’s say you’re in a suburban area or rural area and you don’t.


Marco Hernandez [00:11:35] You have 4G, but it’s a little bit slow at times. And you’re not going to load up 10 megabyte page in three seconds. It’s going to take a while. So the user experience, if they’re seeing a Facebook at the click on that, then they go to their website. It’s not loading. That’s what it’s going to convert. So designers have. And web developers have a task now to think about user experience, you x as a key priority of their design. Not how fancy it looks, but how efficient that design looks and performs.


Erin Martin [00:12:09] Ouch. So. And talking about this a little bit as well. What? So for business owners that don’t understand some of this techie stuff. When summit, when Marco is talking about it, if you if a Web site takes longer than three seconds to load, people will bounce out from that. So people won’t connect fully from the advertisment or where they are clicking like a blog or a link. And then they’re transferring to your Web site and it’s taking longer than three seconds to load. Then people will bounce from that, that connection. So you get inside of like your Google Analytics, you’ll see a really high bounce rate. So having a really is that called heavy? Is it a heavy Web site if it takes a long time to load? Yeah. Yeah. So if you hear Web site developers talking about the heavy Web site, that could be really high file sizes like Marco saying. Meaning you have like. Megabytes and megabytes of images. And so reducing those file sizes can help increase your page speed.


Marco Hernandez [00:13:15] So, for example, one of the I don’t like to do this a lot. But I think it’s a very I do this especially for websites like ClickFunnels, for example, which I know it doesn’t do the the proper resizing of images. And it’s not that intelligent of a framework to why I end up doing is building two parallel Web sites, one for mobile and one for desktop, manually hiding and showing images based on which device it’s going to be shown. So instead of when you when you talk about Web sites, you feel the content mobile responsiveness. So it means that the browser is intelligent and of the servers intelligent enough to detect which browser is being served two and reach sizes everything dynamically. In theory, it sounds great. Most of the web sites work that way, but it’s never perfect and especially image compression is not perfect on that. And so sometimes you might be served higher images that you need. Like you don’t need a. Two thousand pixel image on an iPhone because it’s not two thousand pixels. It’s so you can get away with serving lower quality as long as it looks good. So that’ll save you maybe 50, 60, 70 percent of the bandwidth page load.


Erin Martin [00:14:32] Nice. I like that. So what are some other really good elements of a high converting Web site? So something that takes a little less than three seconds to load, of course. Yeah. What about some other elements that people can be considering when they’re working on their website?


Marco Hernandez [00:14:48] I think I think the most important element that people can think.


Marco Hernandez [00:14:54] It’s Fonts, the beauty of a Web site.


Marco Hernandez [00:14:59] This is something I took from from Steve Jobs a while ago.


Marco Hernandez [00:15:04] And it’s very interesting when you study about a brand like Apple, it’s all about esthetics and beauty. It’s not about functionality to an extent, it’s about functionality. But it’s it’s all about that experience and and having something beautiful in your hands or in your. It’s all about that. And it all started with with Steve Jobs in fonts.


Marco Hernandez [00:15:28] For those of you who have never heard about his story, he dropped out of college and he signed up for a calligraphy class. And everybody bashing because like, hey, you’re a computer guy like your old techie. What are you doing studying Fonds? And he’s like, I don’t know, I just it just I just wanted to learn that. And what ended up happening is he understood the esthetics of writing properly. What is the balance of symmetry? The roundness of fonts. So fast forward a few years when he developed the first operating system for four Macintosh. He started applying those concepts into Apple. So he made the most beautiful operating system in the world. It’s still today. It took Microsoft 30 years to really catch up and do something beautiful. Apple’s teed up for that. If you look at how Apple developed their funds. It was always very crisp, very detailed. Why? Because we like beautiful things are our I catch this attention to that, our Web site. And they have a standard formatting to start with. It tells me that they don’t put the details or the attention into the personality of the brand. I have my preferred fonts that I’d like to use when I design sites. But at the end of the story, every single business needs to choose, hey, what type of calligraphy? It’s not about which one they like. It’s what the the general human eye perceives nicer. There are forms like if you read a government’s documents, they’re hard to read.


Marco Hernandez [00:17:04] Like this, it’s not ironic that the type of letter at times New Roman, it’s a horrible font. I don’t know why Microsoft has chosen that. When you look at Google fonts, they tend to be nicer and cuter and so much easier to read a document with Google fonts than not. So here’s a tip like at least start using Google fonts there. We’ve studied this a lot. That’s why they develop their fonts. So. Another element I would talk about for sure. Besides the flaunting is the psychology of contrast. I’d like to play a lot with with contract contrast contrasting colors. For example, this. This new logo and the branding you were talking about. It’s like there’s something about it that it catches people’s attention.


Marco Hernandez [00:17:52] I’m being very playful and very aggressive with the type of colors between the purples and the blues. But the way the. The the font selection up here, it’s playful and then it’s very clear down here. I don’t use the same type of formatting and the gradient makes you focus on specific words in a different way. It accentuates things that is called polarity in or contrasting colors. These two colors, this blue and this purple. Sorry, I’m just. I would never be a pilot. Do the other way around. They contrast each other, so they create something that stands out. Yeah. Building a Web site. You have to be smart enough to create that content story catches people’s attention. Once you’ve got them, then you can push the rest of the elements. But if you look when you have Web sites that are everything is the same color. Let’s say their brand is black and white and even the apple cart button is black. Well, how are people supposed to find the outstanding elements of that Web site? If everything is matching? No. How about have a primary, secondary and tertiary color, for example? So keep the balance from the Web site with two colors and then have the outstanding elements of a. A similar type of color that could blend into that combination. So at least have three colors in your brain.


Erin Martin [00:19:24] Yeah, and I want to go back to your your point on fonts. Have you seen that documentary, Helvetica? Wasn’t that based on Apple?


Marco Hernandez [00:19:35] I haven’t seen it.


Erin Martin [00:19:37] Because it is it’s an old documentary, but I think it’s based on like how Apple and their psychology of the fonts and the cleanliness of it and how Helvetica is like the biggest font for design.


Marco Hernandez [00:19:54] So I haven’t seen it looking good. It can get pretty like.


Erin Martin [00:20:00] You want to do your head in. But it’s interesting. And then the psychology of color and to get on that and train again is I see this a lot with like restaurant menus. And people want to do this like big sweeping calligraphy of, you know, fonts, because I think it will stand out. But it really causes a problem with not being able to consume and understand what’s on that menu like they have to really study it. And is that is that a good thing or is that a bad thing? Because they have to really study it to understand it? Or if it’s like, I can’t read this, you just give me that.


Marco Hernandez [00:20:41] You start going to restaurants and pitching redoing menu. You’re welcome. Like I’ve seen terrible stuff. Yeah, it’s a good idea because debit cards designed for. And you know how much money they’ve spent on their on on their business. Looking at menus, most of them, they sometimes they print out the photographs on the back like the background of the menu and then they use black fonts. It’s just so hard to read. It just doesn’t look aesthetic. It’s not clean. And then they use these just to stay away from italics and the like. I don’t know people that still write with italics. I write in cursive. I learned how to write cursive, but nobody use it anymore. And just unless it’s a signature, I don’t think it looks good. It gets hard for the average guy. And especially newer, newer generations. They don’t they don’t know it. And they understand the importance of I tell. So stay away from it.


Erin Martin [00:21:43] Cool. So those are some really great pieces of information. Elements of high converting Web site. Make sure your site loads quickly to create a nice user experience. Make sure you’re really thinking out your fonts and all elements of the different portions of your web site from the copy. Meaning? I cannot talk. I’m going to stutter today. The descriptions and even like your buttons, like think about the different fonts and fonts and sizing that you’re using on your buttons. And again, with the correlation of the contrasting colors of your buttons as well, because that’s what’s drawing I to create some kind of action on your website. When somebody gets to your Web site, you want them as a business owner to take action. You want them to fill out a form. You want them to buy your product. You want to know whatever the case may be, but you have to give the user. A really clear indication of what you want them to do. So having a nice big call to action button with a contrasting color and the nice font know all of those different pieces of psychology and a user experience. Yeah, you have to think about all of these things when you’re designing a website.


Marco Hernandez [00:22:58] Yeah, there’s a couple of things within content. Also, there’s there’s two ways. The problem is you have to have a balance on content in order to rank for a CEO, you need to have relevant content. But the reality is that the average user will not read that relevant content because we like simple fast ideas. So we’d like headlines.


Marco Hernandez [00:23:23] We like short sentences, things that we can process very quickly. And in the simple example is how many times you read a book and you go through the whole page and you don’t remember what you read. So our retention is very bad when reading longer extensions of of text. It is important from a technical aspect, but from a. Conversion standpoint, we don’t really care about long, complicated sentences. We want short to the point.


Marco Hernandez [00:23:51] So something very important is to maybe break down the structure of your content where instead of having long paragraphs, you break down into small ideas and then visually enhance or amplify the sides of that sentence or put it next to a photograph. Just create that visual impact where you’re making just that big sentence out of the whole paragraph different so that that idea sticks in the person’s mind. So those are ways of modifying the content so that you can take the eye of someone like if you if you’re reading a paragraph and then something stands out. He’s going to skip all of this and go straight into this aspect. So you’re enhancing the attention of the individual.


Erin Martin [00:24:35] Yeah, so I’m going to cap this at 30 minutes, Marcus. We’ve got about six just over six minutes left. Let’s kind of if you can. What are some top questions that a business owner should be asking of their Web site developer? And then if you can give us three hacks to making a really good Web site. So for the first question, I don’t know what should a Web site developer be asking of a business owner?


Marco Hernandez [00:25:06] Well, I think me as a team, as developers, the biggest struggle we have is content.


Marco Hernandez [00:25:14] I mean, we’ve had clients come in to say, hey, I need a Web site. I said, OK, cool. What is it about? Like, well, my business is X, Y, Z. OK. Can you write? I need four pages home about services.


Marco Hernandez [00:25:27] You write? Something about your company. And then they get stuck in that.


Marco Hernandez [00:25:32] Well, I can’t build you a site that I don’t know what you do, how you do it. Give me text, give me substance so I can put this creative mind to work.


Marco Hernandez [00:25:42] So if if you’re a business owner and you need a Web site, at least put some time and we will appreciate it. Developers. Yeah. And funny story. I know we were short on time, but I’ve had this client for a year and a half that we did a first version of sites like I need the site live again. Like, won’t you sit down and write your content? He has an up to date in a year and a half written content. I made up whatever I thought about his business.


Erin Martin [00:26:06] So I’m dealing with that with a client right now. We are hoping to turn this website around in a month and it’s four months later and it’s this biggest struggle to get content. And I 100 percent agree with you. The content is like you should know what your own business is about. We can’t as marketers and if not, build something with the content.


Marco Hernandez [00:26:29] So I often campaign. I’ve got this copywriter. She’s gonna charge you 300 bucks a page for a hundred, whatever it was. It’s just a hundred bucks to write your content.


Marco Hernandez [00:26:41] Oh, no, I can’t pay that. Then sit down and write it. There is no option. Either you do it or you hire someone to do it, but it’s not going to magically pop up. So sit down and write about your company. What you do. Be very practical about it. I think that’s one of the questions for me.


Erin Martin [00:26:58] What are the four pages essentially like the framework that you need? Yeah.


Marco Hernandez [00:27:02] As a minimum, put together home services about.


Marco Hernandez [00:27:06] And the contact.


Marco Hernandez [00:27:10] So home is we are welcome. Although introduction services, what you offer about who are you and then how to reach to you.


Erin Martin [00:27:21] Cool. And then the other question that was great. I mean that. I am so on board with what you just said about making sure the contact content is there. What is the phrase we’re marketers when we’re not magicians, we’re not. We can’t.


Erin Martin [00:27:37] No crystal ball what your business is about. So you need to have a really good understanding about who your ideal client is. Descriptions, services. All that. All that stuff. And the reasoning why people should be doing services with you as opposed to other people like you should have that drilled down inside of your business.


Erin Martin [00:27:56] And then the second question was, what are three hacks that a business owner should understand about having a really good Web site?


Marco Hernandez [00:28:11] Think mobile. Just forget about the desktop experience. It is important, but develop everything thinking about mobile and mobile. Things that, if I will tell you just in, here’s a little hack, for example, on my website I have on the pub bar my telephone number for the agency or my CBD brand or whatever it is the website. So if you have a telephone number, make it a hyperlink. I don’t know. I’m not sure about some Samsung phones, but I know an iPhone. If you click a hyperlink on a telephone, it’ll pop up, say sun and I’ll dial the phone number so it doesn’t. It makes it easier. Instead of copy pasting the phone number into your dialer. You just tap on it and it calls. Same with your emails. Make it a click so that it opens up the email app. I think that would make it very user friendly. The second hack is always on an e-commerce. I’m noticing this trend where where the add to cart button is put a line below. It says Hey, need support. Call this number because sometimes people hesitate to buy because they have a question that they can’t find on the website. So if you put a small icon there and says, hey, click here to call support, we’ll help you out.


Marco Hernandez [00:29:23] That’s going to increase conversions eg a lot. I see that. I don’t see that on many, many e-commerce sites and I think that would be a brilliant thing to add. Yeah.


Marco Hernandez [00:29:35] Yes. Hey, there’s a population between 40 to 60 60s that once you talk to people they don’t trust online. So and finally, I’d say the best hack you can do is hire professionals. Don’t try to do it yourself.


Erin Martin [00:29:52] I agree with you because I see this a lot in different networking groups and small business groups as people are jumping on these opportunities to get really, really cheap Web site built, Web sites built. But something that I like to say often is cheap will always become expensive because if you go the cheap route and something breaks. Those people aren’t going to be around. There aren’t going to have the technical technological skills to solve your problems. So and again, your Web site is your new front door. Like, how important is your business to you having a professionally built Web site? Yes. It’s going to cost you money, but it is the biggest tool you’re going to use inside of your business. So you have to think about like what’s important to you is it is your business important use to stay open. Then you need to invest in having a Web site professionally built and have that support with somebody who has that that skillset because of not and not every single digital marketer has the skill set. I’m not a website builder. I know my Web site needs a ton of work. So, you know.


Marco Hernandez [00:31:04] Just haven’t thought about that.


Erin Martin [00:31:08] Cool. Hey, Marco, thank you so much, we here our 30 minutes and I really appreciate your time. And I know this information is going gonna be beneficial to our users. If you guys have any questions and you’re just watching the replay on Web site with Marco. Please feel free to drop your questions here. Please feel free to reach out to him even directly. He is brilliant. He’s smart. He’s located in Texas so he can handle. He can handle it. What your needs are. So, again, thank you, Marco. I do have another interview lined up with somebody and I don’t remember who it is or when we’re gonna do it. But we got our next Meet our moderator series will be announced in the group. Marco, thank you. I appreciate you all.


Erin Martin [00:31:49] And I’ve been sleeping like a baby. So you guys have sleeping issues. Make sure to reach out to Marco, too, because he’s got a brilliant CBD product for that – Hoopla. You got it. Thank you, Erin. Thanks, guys. Have a great day. Bye bye.


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