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Studio PBTO Interview April 15, 2020 Cody May (co-founder of StudioPTBO) does an exclusive interview with Marco Hernandez (Online Business & Facebook Marketing Expert), Founder of Bullseye Agency and HOOPLA CBD.


✓ Where are the big challenges business face right now during COVID-19?

✓ How to pivot as an agency and shift your offer.

✓ How to deal with crisis and find opportunity.

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[00:00:02] You’re listening to the studio PTO podcast where we talk all things marketing to help you build and grow your business online.


Cody May [00:00:09] Welcome to the latest episode. Welcome to Studio TVO podcast, we are back and we’re back with another Xoom call, and you know, I don’t have my regular setup at all, my regular Mike.


Cody May [00:00:21] I do have some natural light coming in from the left, which is good. You I strategically thought about that as we were hopping on this call and I am joined with a guest and I also joined with Neil, boarded up his partner for Studio B. How you do doing today, Neil?


Jairus Leeson [00:00:37] Had those surreal times every day everything’s shifting in real time. To make sense of it. And yeah. Cody and I were just on a fireside chat that we just launched literally half an hour ago.


Jairus Leeson [00:00:51] And, you know, we’re just saying that Dume has become just a godsend for people now to unite people and bring them together and keep businesses afloat. And our podcast is now surviving because of Xoom and being able to meet with people.


Jairus Leeson [00:01:04] And I think Xoom is in the Zakk Geiss now just right up there with Tick-Tock. Cody.


Cody May [00:01:09] I know. Yeah. Yes. It’s so cool. And it’s so interesting to see something that, you know, mainly business owners. I’ve only used to see the kind of the mainstream media pick up zoom and just people are using Zoom to communicate. And it’s such a great platform. And I hope the platform doesn’t crash that we said on the last call because somebody Google using it now. But yeah, we have Marco with us today. You know, kind of I want to kind of give a high level overview on how Berko and I know each other. Last week we had Chris on Snyder on the show and I kinda want to give a high level overview. BARCO And I connected through the academy, so I did it for those people that don’t know I did our academy last year, really revolutionary to our business. It really helped me a ton of amazing people in the online space time agent Mazing Agency owners and Marco and I connected and really connecting and he’s super active on the Academy plot and mastermind as far as, you know, providing value but also providing value in the social media landscape. Like Marco is posting a ton of content through his agency and social. But Marco also has a product based company, a CBD oil that he is actually. He’s been promoting a lot and I’ve been seeing a lot of cool things. So I don’t want to steal anymore. Your thunder, Marco, maybe give us a little bit of a Spark Notes version on kind of who you are, what you do, and essentially how you help business as such. This weird at time.


Marco Hernandez [00:02:38] Yeah, totally. Totally. Thanks, Cody. Thanks, Neal, for having me here. So our agency and social, which we’re actually rebranding now, we’re in the process that we’ll take this downtime to actually finalize our rebranding process, the shift from Kaizen Social to bullseye agency. Well, this has given you a fresh, more modern identity to the company for the last almost two years. We’ve been working a lot with e-commerce brands that’s been are mainly focused since day one, although we actually support local businesses. We just felt a little bit more traction throughout the years on e-commerce and local, but we’ve always been open to different alternatives. It’s funny that you mentioned about my product. What was happening is, you know, when when you work with clients, then you realize the potential of what you can do. They started making magic for others and then like, well, what if I can do some magic for my own stuff?


Marco Hernandez [00:03:36] So the opportunity opened and then that’s when I started my own I am product line.


Cody May [00:03:43] It’s awesome.


Cody May [00:03:44] And it’s cool to see, you know, the fact that you’re one of the people that I’ve had my eye on for a little while because you are posting so much, I’m really curious to dove directly into kind of what’s going on in your head in these kind of uncertain time for businesses. And you’re posting a lot you’re providing a ton of value to the online space, really being loud about kind of what you do in kind of a soft way. I’m curious to know kind of what your strategy is right now to help businesses through this uncertain time.


Marco Hernandez [00:04:15] Yeah. So one of the strategies we started taking in 2020 is actually shifting a little bit more. And to larger companies to start with, not nothing gets smaller or smaller businesses CMBS. But we wanted to stabilize at least on the growth in the company. So we we found the a gap that a lot of agencies don’t fulfill, which is addressing larger companies. I’m talking about companies that maybe do 100 million, 200 million and they usually have their internal marketing departments. But at the same time, these marketing departments, they’re not specialized in anything of what we do like. They really don’t understand anything that we do. Even if they do pay media, they do it in a very basic level. And the people running it might be an intern or might be a marketing specialist. Nothing wrong is that they don’t have the level of expertise that we have as agencies in understanding this. So I’ve found that little window of opportunity in the last month, even through the downside of things we’ve onboarded to passive clients. So we’re working different areas not only on Facebook but also search engine optimization. Google linked in ads like so many different verticals that I never thought could be possible and expanding. That’s where we’re heading. So that’s the way I look at the mitigation plan. It was just, I think, meant to be the direction I was taking. And I’m not putting aside the others is just saying, hey, let’s have a different shuffle or less shuffle. The cards have a different combination of clients to see which one’s balance out because smaller ones are going to be right now in the economy the way it is, especially if they’re small and local with zero online presence. Those. Not going to be overdramatic, but they’re going to have a tougher chat channels than those that are migrating online or have been online for at least six months to a year.


Jairus Leeson [00:06:09] Yeah, you’re right. Marco could be decimated, the ones that have no social media presence. And we’re just cover that again in our fireside chat today that a lot of those businesses that didn’t pivot before have to pivot now somehow really quickly or else they’re dead.


Jairus Leeson [00:06:24] You know, you can’t just put your tail between your legs and curl up in a fetal position, give up. They’ve got to figure it out really quickly. What now? What are you seeing? I’m curious, where are you based and what are you seeing in your community?


Marco Hernandez [00:06:35] Yeah, so I’m based here in Dallas and in general. Even before this, the economy here is pretty solid. There’s a lot of growth, especially a lot of migration from other parts of the country to Texas. So Texas itself was very, very strong. Taking that aside, I detest contraction that’s happening right now. Definitely affecting everybody, but to an extent because when you look at it, there are places that like supplement company supplement stores. I was just chatting with somebody. They’re open right now. Like, how are you open? Well, there were considered essentials. So it’s very interesting when you look at the type of businesses that could be affected or not. If I’m a restaurant, why would I not advertise right now that I can deliver to places? Just put a little bit of budget into that and let consumers know that. Number one, you exist. Number two, that you’re out there. And number three, that you can do something for them. I think that would be if I would be a restaurant owner, I would not be petting, I would be putting money on ads. So I grew up in a 10 mile radius, all delivered to you.


Jairus Leeson [00:07:44] What do you want or a gift certificate program? Cody’s been tackiness and restaurant owners was locally like start ups that now offer that value proposition.


Marco Hernandez [00:07:53] But it takes literally daily trivia like do a daily like say, hey, today we’re gonna give away a free meal to somebody that often just go crazy about stuff. People are icecap shit at the wall.


Jairus Leeson [00:08:06] Beta test stuff. Now is the time to do it. Take us into your kitchen. I mean, they could still be in the kitchen prepping stuff. Take us inside your world. Show us how your food gets made. Like build comfort food around your brand.


Jairus Leeson [00:08:15] And it’s like, now’s the time, man. Now is the time for creative ingenuity more than ever. What I’d ask for you, Marco. Ask of you. What is your take on right now? Mindset in this era we’re in and, you know, sort of resilience and being an entrepreneur. It’s already a grind, right? It’s already over. Such a roller coaster ride. And you were already pivoting to creating another brand still within the framework of what you you’re doing. But what what does that mean to you every day to wake up as far as your mental health? And how are you looking after yourself through this?


Marco Hernandez [00:08:45] Look, I built this agency from the ground up, from struggle from the beginning. I started the agency as a need, not because something that I dreamt of. So for me, this journey was like another pebble in the road, literally. Yes, it’s tougher, but it’s not as tough as it’s been a long. Picking your first client always is as difficult as keeping them. So. So I look, I’m not underestimating it. Just saying it’s it’s challenging as is, period.


Marco Hernandez [00:09:17] This, you know, some clients will go and others are really craving to jump into this. So it’s just, you know, keeping that conversation going. Like anything like you might go on in a bar and meet someone and you might not. But the only thing is, if you stopped talking for sure, you will not talk to anybody.


Jairus Leeson [00:09:35] Kodo Cody’s told me, too, that in other sectors, you know, it just depends on where your vertical is. Some of them are getting hammered, like, you know, someone who chose event planning as a vertical, just getting hammered, decimated. And who is that? You told me, Cody this morning. What vertical it was that literally barber.


Cody May [00:09:52] Yeah. Workshop. One of one of my good friends, like, you know, dished out into barber shops and lost, you know, ninety five percent of its clients. So.


Jairus Leeson [00:10:01] Yeah. I’m curious, Marco, what do you think about Cody’s? I have always talked about this stuff.


Jairus Leeson [00:10:07] You know, the fine line between leashing down, having that vertical and diversifying like right now, we were talking this morning like thank God that we do have great verticals like Cody’s crushing it in a few verticals, but we’re pretty diversified as a company. So we’re able to rely on other revenue streams now to compensate for the loss we’re getting in some product lines. So what’s your take on that? Whether to kneel down or not, put all your eggs in one basket or not.


Marco Hernandez [00:10:33] I think it’s like any when I see it, it’s like just like investing. If you go all in on one thing, if that thing goes bad, then you put a lot of risk you could have monetized well. But it’s always safer to have a couple of different options. Like I have a high paying plan to have low paying flights. The low paying clients stick around. Don’t give me trouble. The high paying clients, Mike, cut the budget. So I think it’s all about planning properly planning your growth and your expenses. Definitely. You will.


Marco Hernandez [00:11:05] I believe in having a blend of plant life, for example, right now the bigger clients can stick to a six to twelve month contract. A smaller plant will be more challenging to get that. So I can focus on bringing at least two or three big ones that can provide enough cash flow so that my resources are paid and their guaranteed work for the next six months. Whether I make a lot of profit or not doesn’t matter whether I can keep my research interests with me and not going away, because then that’s going to be more expensive for me trying to find reliable people, people that commit to good results because when the market goes crazy, then they’re done. You have to start again. It is going to cost you more. So I think it’s finding that balance where you don’t lose a lot of people close, keep them happy. Well, right now, I’m at a point where I think I could even probably get a dead buyer for $500. Like people are going to get desperate about getting paid. So you might be in a position to actually trade and say, I’ve discussed this with with friends like shifting work to Australia because right now the exchange rate is phenomenal for me. So I can get a high quality ad buyer in Australia for way less than an American would cost me. Yeah. So it’s it’s always. I think the key is there’s no right answer. There’s no solid answer. It’s all about adapting. You have to adapt and move and see what’s working and move and shift and test and keep adapting.


Cody May [00:12:38] I love that. You know, like because we chat about that. We just got off a fireside chat call with an hour and a half an hour and a half call with our community.


Cody May [00:12:45] People that are, you know, part of studio could be a market hack script with pivoting. There are businesses right now that need to pivot. And if you’re listening to this replay and you’re or you’re listening, it’s on i-Tunes Spotify. You need to figure out how you’re going to pivot in the online space, like Marco mentioned. Is that 10 mile radius about running a gift card offer or telling people about what you’re doing? Like that’s you know, the but we have more than anything right now where it’s like if you’re an agency owner, if you’re a coach, if you are a small business, if you’re running a larger company, it’s like the name of the game right now is pivoting. Like, how can you pivot to stay alive, not just stay alive, but thrive? You know, it’s like. And that’s the biggest thing where it’s everyone’s focus on staying alive. It’s like how can you thrive in the midst of adversity? Oftentimes when there’s adversity, there’s massive upside, a massive opportunity in the midst of adversity.


Marco Hernandez [00:13:36] Look, even as we’re speaking right now, like my brain is going, I’m just thinking of all the restaurants a mile down my plate. I think everybody is in a position like, of course I’d like to, but really charge nice premium prices that we do. But right now I can guarantee if I walk to that down there, I say, hey, we’ll help you bring clients 200 bucks because like literally like just we’ll set your campaign up a quick and dirty. We’ll we’ll work this out. Don’t worry about the economics of it. I can guarantee you most people take. Yes, I’m up for that. So it’s just a matter of just walking, say, hey, this is what I’ve got. You want to help? You want help. You want help. I’m not asking you money. I’m telling you you want help.


Jairus Leeson [00:14:19] I love it. It looks like we’re going to get some exercise after this, Marco. Plus, we going out on the street. It is a great idea, though.


Jairus Leeson [00:14:26] Cody and I have been trying to figure out how we can work with local restaurants and we’ve kind of been soft selling because it’s still it’s a weird phase, right? This is a fine line between it’s harder than a hard sell right now, but I feel like people are getting back into business smoke as the economy’s tanking so quickly that it’s like we have we have to lower.


Marco Hernandez [00:14:44] So it is really sad. We have our own internal costs and how to do magic and pain or not. We also understand that running a restaurant is not so. It’s not like it’s not going to take you eight hours and you’re going to be not sleeping in. But we understand how we set it up. And boom. Crank it up. So at the end, it’s not about whether they’re going to pay you or not.


Marco Hernandez [00:15:04] You’ve got your foot in the door. And then when this stabilizes, I mean, this guy looked out for me. Yeah. And then you’re in and then boom. So it’s not I think us as marketers, we have to think not what’s happening today. How can I build that relationship for when this goes away in the next month? Are they going to come back for my help? I think that’s where we should be looking into.


Jairus Leeson [00:15:31] Yeah, I agree. Relationship build. What’s your take on? And then you kind of touched on earlier potential.


Jairus Leeson [00:15:37] And so the value of retention is higher than ever right now and customer service and assume you like us. Cody and I entrepreneur, really foster that relationship and touch base a lot with our existing clients as it become even more magnified to our area. You just them, you know, because like you said, it’s a lot more expensive to prospect for new clients and to just maintain a solid mix of existing clients at different levels. So what’s your what’s your lens on that?


Marco Hernandez [00:16:07] Look, if I can keep them full rate, I will if they need a little bit of a break. I hate this. Extraordinary situations. Absolutely. I have friends that are making a lot of money right now. Like one of our clients, this month’s rose is still at eight. Yeah, I dropped from 20. We were doing 20, but still doing eight. Yeah. So they’re making money. Very, very problems. I can’t be that condescending with a client like that, but I know others that have physical locations are close. I’m sorry. They came back and say what can we do? I said don’t worry about it. We’ll figure it out like.


Marco Hernandez [00:16:43] Just don’t worry about the invoice. I pay the last invoice, but I’m talking about the next one. Let’s figure it out. And if I have to move it a month, maybe I will. Maybe not. Maybe I’ll drop it. I’ll see when that moment comes. Yes. I’m not panicking with with clients. But I’m actively thinking like we just closed a deal for Latin America yesterday, so we’re maybe the US slows. But other countries don’t. So I’m opening it up in different parts of the world were Mexico’s not yet hit. So their economy slowing, but they’re not there yet. So when I talk about adopting and moving, that’s what I look for. OK. U.S. might be slow work and I shift my attention to that. I can pick business. Yeah, you’re pivoting on the flybe and I panic. Yeah, totally.


Cody May [00:17:35] Yeah. This was great. Like, this is, you know, like we just wanted to really hop on here. You know, like try to buy massive value to our community.


Cody May [00:17:43] And I really think that you gave some key actionable items to our community about the pivoting and constantly looking for what’s possible out there. And it’s like if something’s not working, then like when we’ve been chatting about this for a while, you know, soap is out working, then we need to go find the next thing that’s going to work. And we even had a conversation this morning as partners. It’s like, you know, one of our product lines is spinning down like we do video capture video right now.


Cody May [00:18:08] So we lost an entire product line right now. But, you know, it’s the shift.


Cody May [00:18:13] You know, it’s it’s a constant pivot, the constant shift of looking at what’s possible, changing different ways, finding different ways, take care of our employees, finding different ways to care for the clients. And that’s the biggest thing.


Marco Hernandez [00:18:26] Being smart about these things, for example, you can’t shoot high-quality video for a client, but that doesn’t mean that that client cannot shoot their own video and say, you know what? Let’s do work together on the videos. I’ll modify the edit them. I’ll make them high quality with whatever you can provide. So it’s modifying the way you operate. And you know what? You might discover a new revenue stream that you never thought it could be done. You know what? Screw the like recording. We’re going to do it this way, you know?


Cody May [00:18:55] You’re exactly right. Because like it’s like we we see value in this podcast and it’s like we usually have, you know, like to to sit at my camera, set up with mikes and it’s like we’re not just gonna stop doing podcasts because we see value in the fact that we’re doing it. So it’s like we’re recording this now and then it’s still gonna stay.


Cody May [00:19:11] Audio quality might not be as good going on. I tune in to Spotify for the next month or two, but it’s like we’re still the ultimate goal is the value we wanna provide.


Marco Hernandez [00:19:22] Look, I’m a moron. Real nice, polished. You know, there’s something about this. Like, for example, all of this ignites in me. The wheels like it spins the wheels. So now it’s not giving. I’m actually also talking to myself and thinking of things. Yeah, I think the key is. All businesses, all like our natural default, is be comfortable in things when business is great, when things are OK. We’re comfortable with these type of events, create and ask. It’s a shock and two things can happen. Like I posted it the other day, like you can in crisis, you can sit and cry on the sidewalk or you can sell tissues.


Marco Hernandez [00:20:05] The thing is, like there’s opportunity always in actually in crisis. There are more opportunity. Not saying that you can make the riches and take advantage of it, but it’s all in the way you approach it and say, OK, it is challenging. Is it me or is that everybody? Everybody? Okay, cool. What can I do? How can I visualize something I can do pushups right now every hour and get buff or I can eat chips. It voice. It’s a choice. Or I can get drunk every day right now or I can be. Like getting into the best diet because I have no option.


Marco Hernandez [00:20:43] Like those are decisions in your business, the same thing. I can fire everybody else in my company or I can keep the healthy ones. Lay off the ones that not. Or I can. It’s all in the choices that you made. But you have control of those choices, not the market, not the economy. You have.


Marco Hernandez [00:21:03] So any business owner that’s listening is like you can sit and cry, OK, maybe you do for days. Cool, valid. Get up. Start grinding.


Marco Hernandez [00:21:17] Start working again on yourself. What? You’re in that situation because you haven’t worked the last six months of the last twelve months and the things that you should be focusing on.


Jairus Leeson [00:21:26] That’s why you’re not your time yet. Now there’s no excuse. You got all the time in the world. I agree.


Cody May [00:21:33] Yeah. I said, man, I really appreciate you, Marco. I appreciate your your ingenuity. And I appreciate, you know, the fact that you’re constantly posting on social conceed you.


Cody May [00:21:44] Seeing you on my feed, which is like when you reached out when I posted this in the academy flat. The mastermind saying, is there anyone who wants to be on our podcast? You know, Marco spoke up and I’m like, yeah, we got to get Marco on the show because Marco is doing the things that we’re telling business owners. You have to do. You have to adapt. You have to pivot. And, you know, I really appreciate your time, Marco. Neil, anything to add before we hop off the call today?


Jairus Leeson [00:22:09] No, man. Just that again. I learned. Nuggets like from every different entrepreneur I meet him and I love the guys mindset and his approach to life.


Jairus Leeson [00:22:17] And it’s like like you said, you can you can either choose to give up on life or you can embrace the moment you’re in in time and just figure out a way and crush it. And I think there’s so much opportunity right now in this that the ones that have that mindset and an approach that Marco takes and being open to new ideas are the ones that are going to destroy it. When things get back to normal, go, how did they find you, Marco?


Cody May [00:22:41] You got go Friday to listen to a podcast. Thank you so much for tuning in to the podcast. Once again, if you our you are a entrepreneur that is looking to grow in the online space.


Cody May [00:22:51] You’re looking for a supportive community in a time of uncertainty. We would love to have you inside the studio to be all marketing hacks group. It’s full of entrepreneurs. We are going to life every single Tuesday at 11:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time. Until this whole thing blows over. We’re here for the foreseeable future to help you really grow in the online space. Thank you so much for tuning into the studio to be our podcast. We will see you soon.


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