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Lead Generation using Facebook Ads

Case Study: How we helped a specialized gym generate an average of 1 lead a day during a whole year and increased their YOY revenue on automatic.

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Facebook Ads vs LinkedIn Outreach for B2B


Facebook Ads vs LinkedIn Outreach



Why LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the most updated database of high quality audiences. Here we can find the most relevant information in relation to your future clients such as: Job Titles, years in current role, and keywords.


Quality of the Audiences

Did you know that the Average Income of LinkedIn audience is $83,000 USD compared to $37,000 on Facebook?

The Result?

Proper messaging allows your prospects to feel trust with you. They can sense the authenticity and the real reason you’re connecting with them.

We understand we all want to do business, we want to feel more natural about the flow.

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  • One Month of Campaign Outreach
  • Up to 600 potential Connections per month
  • Suggestions on profile optimization
  • 1inMail sequence with A/B Split test per month.
  • 3 message connection sequence.

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